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Last Post for our European Vacation

Bilbo, Spain

We took a tour to the city of Balmaseda, Spain. Interesting city where the buildings date back to the 12th century. Catholic cathedral San Severino then we went to the Abbey for lunch.

Didn’t rain until we boarded the ship. Thursday night around midnight the weather got really bad. 75 mph wind gust and 25 foot waves. They covered Janine and David’s window with a metal curtain. We did not make it to La Corona, Spain because the weather was too bad. The weather stayed severe for 30 hours.

Vigo, Spain

The excursion was canceled to go fish for mussels and the boat ride with dinner. Staying close to the ship because of the weather. Janine came by to show us Hurricane Tammy.

Check out these bathrooms the scroll on the tile is raised

We did the hop on hop off bus in Porto Portugal. It was one of the most complicated systems we have ever done. We went to the cathedral of Porto. It was breathtaking. The first pictures are of the cathedral; it is an active church. There was an old section connected with a bell tower and treasures from the past. These blue tile pictures were everywhere in the city. There were also people surfing.

Today we’re suffering from cruising withdrawal now we have to figure out what’s for dinner

Going to Fatima tomorrow.

Last day of vacation we are in Lisbon, Portugal . Today we drove to The Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. I visited the shrine 50 years ago as a teenager. I was surprised at the changes. It was a small town then and the shrine was much simpler. Through the years many buildings have been added but it was still a humbling experience this is the shrine. These are other newer parts of the shrine.

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