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Last Day in Iceland and the flight home.

Day 5 consisted of another list of things we might squeeze in before getting to the airport at 2:00P. We didn’t rush getting up and had a very big breakfast at the hotel with fresh baked breads, meats, cheeses, oatmeal and yogurt with the fixings, and croissants. Was a great start to the day. The snow was about a foot deep when we left and had about a 2.5 hours drive. We headed back via the tunnel. Interesting info on the tunnel is it was 7 degrees difference from the entrance to the exit. Right before Reykjavík are the chicken houses along the coast. Only chicken farmers would find this interesting.

We stopped in and drove around Borganes, but decided to skip the museum. Then, we headed to Reykjavík where we did some shopping, went by Hallgrimskirkja the biggest church, Harpa concert hall, the Reykjavik's old harbor and Christ the King Catholic Church and school. In the old harbor they were putting an old repaired ship back in the ocean. We were expecting Hallgrimskirkja to be just as impressive on the inside as the outside, but it’s fairly plain with just a couple statues, pews and simple altar.

Christ the King was a beautiful church and had a 12 century wooden statue of Mary and baby Jesus. We also learned of the patron Saint of Iceland, St. Thorlak. There was a bell out front for the unborn and ( the children from the school were having) children had recess in the courtyard.

The old harbor had a repaired old vessels being put back in the water which was neat to watch. It was a wooden ship. The whale wat hung tours leave from here. I would love to see that, but I also see vomiting in my future if I do… the seas were so rough! I’m such a lightweight when it cause to rising in a car, boat, or anything else that moves. Carrie said she would go without Callie and me cause Callie is much the same.

We then headed to the airport where we could see the active volcano in the distance. 3300 citizens are now without homes and Iceland doesn’t really have extra so that will be a challenging situation for the country and the those people. Several houses caught on fire while we were visiting with the ranger. It was projected over the radio, tv and CB for the whole country to follow. Speaking of the CB system, it’s quite interesting that allow citizens especially in the rural communities have access to the “emergency system” and can listen all the time. It was like hearing Jimmie’s police radio sitting on the counter when he would forget to turn it off. The island is on the same channel and those in the North could hear all that was going on at the eruption site. Also, they have police that only carry locked tasers in their cars. Their emergency services are fire, ambulance and emergency response and is mostly volunteers. They would ask for help to stand for road closures to the eruption area, evacuation and actual rescue help. I listened while we were on the guide bus to the guides radio. It was sad that while we were there sightseeing, they were in the middle of such a tragedy. Listening to frantic voices requesting aid made me immediately think of our hurricanes back home.

We filled up the rental car and stopped by a bakery which wasn’t as good as the rest, turned in our rental and had them shuttle us to the gate. Our flight went without any kinks.

We arrived in Boston where the hotel shuttle picked us up. We ordered at the hotel restaurant as soon as we got there and then laid back and took it easy. In the morning we had breakfast, attempted a swim but the water was ridiculously cold, so just laid around cause no one (maybe Carrie) wanted to go out in Boston’s nasty cold weather. We headed to the airport at 1 and flew out at 4. We are currently in flight to Nashville where Jimmie will pick us up in the truck to brave the icy roads of Tennessee 🙃🥴

Thanks for following along and I’ll post all the extra pictures on our Facebook and IG as the girls get them loaded from the big camera, but here are a few more to hold you over.

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