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For the person who loves homegrown, homemade items and supporting local farmers, our farm store offers a Farm Sampler Basket that is sure to delight. This basket includes a variety of our farm-fresh products, such as Ginger Infused Honey, Dried Lemongrass, Raw Honey, Rosemary Honey, Mint Honey, Elderberry Elixir Honey, Blueberry Jelly, Fermented Fire and Jalapeno Hot Sauce, Lavender Infused Honey, Crocheted Dish Scrubbie, and Muscadine Pepper Jelly. From sweet to savory, this basket has something for everyone's taste buds. Show your love for local farms and indulge in the goodness of the Farm Sampler Basket.


Farm Sampler Basket-

Ginger Infused Honey

Dried Lemongrass

Raw Honey

Rosemary Honey

Mint Honey

Elderberry Elixir Honey

Blueberry Jelly

Fermented Fire Hot Sauce

Lavender Infused Honey

Hand Crocheted Kitchen Dish Scrubbie

Muscadine Pepper Jelly

Jalapeno Hot Sauce

2 Kitchen Towels

Farm Sampler Basket

SKU: 364215376135199
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